NEPI Videos

NEPI – Introduction

NEPI Explainer Video

See what NEPI is all about

Connection & Setup

Learn how to set up and connect a PC to NVIDIA Jetson and other edge-compute hardware running NEPI Engine software for edge AI and robotic automation development.


User Storage Drive

Learn how to access and use NEPI’s network shared user storage drive running on NVIDIA Jetson and other edge-compute hardware.

Hardware Interfacing – Navigation Sensors

Learn how to set up your NEPI device’s NavPose system and connect it to external GPS and INS hardware.


Hardware Interfacing – Imaging Sensors

Learn how to connect to and view data from multiple NEPI IDX-supported cameras using NEPI’s Image Viewer.

Hardware Interfacing – Pan and Tilt Systems

Learn how to connect and configure external pan and tilt systems for NEPI-based hardware using the PTX driver interface layer.

Built-In Applications – Image Viewer

This tutorial will demonstrate NEPI’s RUI Image Viewer application which provides viewing up to 4 imaging streams simultaneously.


Built-In Applications – AI

This tutorial will demonstrate NEPI’s AI application for loading AI models from NEPI’s on-board AI model library, and connecting to available image streams.

Built-In Applications – Sequencer

Guide to NEPI’s Sequencer application for creating custom image streams that include camera feeds from multiple sources.