NEPI Engine is available as source-code, pre-built images, and pre-installed on hardware.

With three convenient ways to get NEPI Engine and both open-source and commercial license options, there is no reason to start your next edge-AI and automation project from scratch.  It’s worth mentioning that all three options for getting the NEPI Engine software include the source-code so you can jump in and start customizing and creating your solution in minutes not months.

Source-Code Repo

If you want to access NEPI Engine source-code, contribute updates, or port the software to an unsupported edge-compute hardware platform, the NEPI code repo is the place to start.

Pre-Built Images

If you already have edge-compute hardware that Numurus maintains pre-built, ready-to-flash NEPI file-system images for, then a NEPI Engine image is the place to start.

Pre-Installed Hardware

If you want to get started with the least amount of work and a turnkey edge-compute solution, then a NEPI-enabled hardware solution is the place to start.


Open-Source License


Commercial License

$100 Per Device

Enterprise License

$20K Per Year

Per Product Line

NEPI Commerical License Details

Commercial License

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get a NEPI Engine Commercial License

If you just need to upgrade a single system to a commercial license, just connect to your NEPI device’s RUI user interface and follow the instructions on the RUI SYSTEM/ADMIN tab.  If you need an enterprise license, contact

Can I Use My Commercial License On Multiple Devices

No, each NEPI commercial license is tied to the hardware’s MAC address.

Are Commercial Licenses Subscription Based

No,  NEPI Engine commercial licenses do not expire or require a subscription to use, they are perpetual licenses for the specific piece of hardware they are purchased for.

Do Commercial Images Include Source-Code

Yes,  All commercial images and updates include commercial-licensed source-code

Commercial Version Release Process

The latest NEPI major software version releases are provided under both commercial and open-source licenses from Numurus.  Version patches provided under NEPI commercial licenses.  While Numurus accepts community contributions to the NEPI Engine source-code, contributors must submit a signed CLA before contributing code to the NEPI GitHub repository.

NEPI Engine software images are made available under a paid commercial license.