A Complete Software Environment

for AI and automation on NVIDIA Jetson and other edge-compute hardware platforms.

Sensor and Control Drivers

AI and Automation Applications

Browser-Based User Interfaces

System and Software Management

About NEPI

NEPI software accelerates AI and automation prototyping and gets your solutions to market faster.

Until now, embedded chips for processing AI and automation have been limited to a handful of bare-bones software environment options, leaving a lot of work to get projects off the ground and create product-ready solutions. NEPI provides a full-featured, open-source software environment for embedded AI and automation that speeds up both prototyping and delivery of customer solutions. With a library of plug-and-play sensor drivers, drag-and-drop AI and automation applications, a native ROS interface, built-in IoT communications, and a customizable browser-based user interface system, NEPI lets engineers focus on solution development, not building OS environments, sensor drivers, and middleware systems. NEPI installs on top of the base operating system provided by chip manufacturers to create a feature-rich environment for creating edge-AI and robotic automation solutions in days, not months. Let NEPI accelerate your solution development and significantly reduce the time and cost to bring your next great innovation to market.

Get access to years of software development, regular updates, and an expert support team.

Fully Customizable

While NEPI delivers a ready-to-deploy solution out of the box, with all of the NEPI source-code available and great documentation, NEPI is the perfect jumping off point for your next smart system project development.

Continuous Improvements

Our NEPI development team and a growing community of developers is constantly adding new hardware drivers, applications, features, and security improvements, so you don't have too.

On Demand Support

No more wasting time searching outdated forums and videos for answers. With amazing documentation and on-demand support offerings you can get your questions answered in minutes, not days.

NEPI Architecture

NEPI is built on the Robotic Operating System (ROS) framework

NEPI software leverages ROS extensively under the hood and provides native ROS API interfacing at every level of the software environment. If you use ROS, this means rapid integration into your overall system architecture. If you are new to ROS, NEPI provides a turnkey low-code environment to start working on ROS projects.  

LEARN more about NEPI

Explore the extensive library of NEPI user and developer resources available.

Since NEPI was developed to simplify and accelerate AI and automation solution development, it only makes sense that we put just as much effort into creating amazing documentation, tutorials, and videos that further accelerate your project efforts.  Below are links to some pages you may find helpful as you start to explore the NEPI Engine software platform for your next project.

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Just a few examples of NEPI user stories

Monitoring Automation

Robotic threat detection solution connecting on-board cameras, artificial intelligence, and a USV control system.

Inspection Automation

Robotic inspection automation leveraging integrated AI and automation capabilities connected to an ROV control system.

Search Automation

Robotic search and rescue project to develop AI-based drone automation and remote monitoring capabilities.

Process Automation

A sensor modernization project to add real-time AI-driven analytics and cloud-based monitoring to an existing sonar product line.