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NEPI Engine – Supported AI Frameworks and Models


This document provides details for AI frameworks and AI model types supported by NEPI Engine’s integrated AI Model Management (AIM) system.  

For more information on NEPI’s AI Management system and supported AI frameworks see the NEPI Engine – Developers Manual “AI Management System” available at:


For a detailed tutorials on custom AI model training and deployment, see the NEPI Engine “Developing Custom AI Models” tutorial under the Solution Development Tutorials section at:


NEPI Supported AI Frameworks

NEPI’s AI Management System provides an application and interface wrapper around industry standard AI inference frameworks.   NEPI supported AI frames depend on the NEPI Engine version installed on a device.  The following table lists NEPI supported AI frameworks for different NEPI Engine versions.  The table also includes the AI model types supported by each framework.

Supported AI Frameworks and Model Types

NEPI Version Number

Supported AI Framework(s)

Supported AI Model Types

2.0.0-2.0.4 Darknet YoloV3
2.1.0-2.1.4 Darknet YoloV3/YoloV4


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